Growing Girly

Lyra had her 4 month check up! She weighs 13.7lbs and is 2ft tall! She’s in the 30th percentile for her age. Lyra is unstoppable. Her perseverance astounds me daily. She can roll from her back to her belly, trying her hardest to crawl, and is very close to sitting up on her own. Our pediatrician started talking to us about introducing cereals and purees but also mentioned it’s okay to choose our own path. I have officially decided to use baby-led weaning method.

How you introduce food to your child is a very important decision. I have been researching baby-led weaning since before my daughter was born. My biggest concern (of course) is choking. My personal reasons to try BLW:

1. Baby feeds themselves so they are able to recognize when they are full.

2. Baby may end up liking unlikely foods creating a healthy diet throughout childhood.

I stumbled across this wonderful blog post . It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

We will be starting Lyra on food once she is 6 months old. It’s going to be a messy process but I think it’ll pay off in the end. This girl is far too eager to take on the world!


Lactation Brownie Mix

My daughter has been going through a four month growth spurt. My body wasn’t ready for it! I wasn’t making enough milk for the first time since she has been born. I needed something to give me a boost. I found this mix on Etsy.

The brownie mix was a reasonable price, plus I love brownies!

The most important ingredients in lactation treats are flax and brewers yeast. That’s what makes the milk come in!


Only four extra ingredients are needed to make the brownies. I preheated the oven to 350 degrees. My oven took exactly 30 mins to cook the brownies to how the instructions described.


Now to talk about taste. The brownies were amazing! They tasted just like a normal brownies. I even have leftovers to keep in the fridge. I take one out and heat it for 15 seconds in the microwave. They taste fresh from the oven!

The brownies also do their job! I could feel my milk coming in. Now after a couple days, eating two brownies a day, I have enough milk and don’t have to supplement with freezer milk. I am also making enough to pump once in the evening for my stash.

I am very happy with this product and I hope others have the same success as I did!




Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Today is my first day trying something new! I’ve busted out the crock pot, purchased all my ingredients, and am ready to roll. I found a simple dry rub online.

The recipe calls for a 4lb pork butt but I used a 2lb since we are only three people. The recipe was very easy to cut in half. If you need help cutting it down this site was very helpful.

Now remember pork butt takes a long time to cook. Low and slow is the best way. So you need to start this early in the morning or it won’t be done in time for dinner.

here is my pork in the beginning:


I thought that by halfing the recipe it might take half the time. I found out it did not!  It took exactly 8 hrs to break apart like this:


The pork was tender and flavorful! Eating the pork alone I felt it was a bit on the spicy side. But, after I added bbq sauce and cole slaw the pork mellowed out. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Coming soon:

I will be trying a lactation brownie mix from Etsy!

New Year



I’ve never been one to have a “New Years Resolution” but this year seems different. I become a mama in September to a beautiful girl who we named Lyra. She is now turning 4 months old in 4 days! Now I could talk about her all day but I really want to focus on this “resolution” thing. This year I want to challenge myself. Explore cooking out of my comfort zone, challenge my design abilities through projects, and learn more about construction/remodeling. I’ll admit I’ve been lazy about updating my blog and fell into a routine of comfort. This year I’d like to change that! Not just for the year but for my lifetime. I want to continue to learn and grow so I can show my daughter how much women can do.


I know I won’t be able to try something new every day but a couple goals a month will help!


– Learn a new recipe

– Take Lyra to an out of the house activity

– Decide on a paint color for two walls in the Master bedroom



All Children, Except One, Grow up

33 weeks down, 7 more weeks to go!

Elizabeth Sturm Freelance Photography took our gorgeous maternity photos. They came out better then I could have ever hoped for! She has such an eye for her work and really captured the essence of our family. I can’t stress enough what a wonderful experience the shoot was. I am so in love with every photo!




Faith, and Trust, and Pixie Dust

We’ve taken our second to last baby class. Only one more to go and around 8 more weeks until little girl is here. The wall decal arrived and I was so excited to put it up.  The shipping was super quick and the decal was fairly easy to apply. I was a little nervous about the gray because there were several shade options. Luckily, the color I chose is perfect!


The corner book shelves (used to be spice racks) are spray painted and hung. They took around three coats of white spray paint to cover fully.

Fur brother Gortys is patiently awaiting Lyra’s arrival!